Alinco DJ-500 VHF UHF FM Radio Instruction Owners Manual

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Document TypeTransceiver and Communications Radio Operator's Guide. VHF radio Instruction Manual in PDF.
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- 6 pages
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ALINCO VHF/UHF DUAL BAND FM TRANSCEIVER D -500T/E INSTRUCTION MANUAL A1INCO ELECTRONICS INC. 20705 S. Western Ave., Suite 104, Torrance Ca. 90501, U.S.A. Phone: (213) 618-8616 1-1-1 Mishimae, Takatsuki city, Osaka 569. Japan AlINCO ELECTRONICS INC. PS0108 F0289WO-@ TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Accessories Specifications Operation Control Functions Functions and Operations Memory Scan Transmission Repeater Tone Frequency Selection Tone Squelch Rev (Reverse) Function Auto Dialer Function Light Function PTT (Press to Talk Lock) Function Beep on/off SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Frequency coverage:

2 pg. 2 pg. 3 pg. ‘ pg. 4 pg. 7 pg. 7 pg. 7 pg. 8 pg. 8 pg. 9 pg. 9 pg. 10 pg. 10 pg. 10 pg. 10 pg. 10 Emission type: Antenna Impedance: Operating voltage: Operating Current: (typical at 7.2 vdc) Battery charging time: Dimensions: Weight: 144.0-148.0 MHz DJ-500T 440-450 MHz 144.0-146.0 MHz DJ-500E 430-440 MHz 16F3 (FM) 50 ohms, unbalanced 5.5 to 12 vdc 15 mA Transmit LO OA/0.6A Battery save Squelched 50 mA Transmit HI 0.8/1.2A Max. audio out 130mA 14-16 hours 58 mm (L)x 176 mm (H)x30 mm (W) (2 5 /16 “) X(6 ‘5/16 “) X(1 ’14 “) 00435 kgs. (0.958 Ibs.) Dual conversion; 1st IF 55.05 MHz; 2nd IF 455 kHz Less than. 25 uV@ 12 dB SINAD more than 60 dB More than ± 7.5 kHz at – 6 dB Less than ±15 kHz at -60 dB Less than -12 dB morethan550mW(10% THD),80hms See table Variable reactance FM ±5kHz -60dB Built-in electret condenser Simplex Shifted + or -600 kHz or 5 MHz from receive frequency (Odd offsets programmable) RF POWER OUTPUT TABLE RECEIVER Type: Sensitivity: Spurious response Rejection ratio: Selectivity: Squelch sensitivity: Al{.C io output: d INTRODUCTION Congratulations, now you are the owner of one of our many “ALINCO ” products. Your DJ-500T/E has been manufactured and tested very carefully at the factory and will give you satisfactory operation for many years. ACCESSORIES AV

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