Alinco DJ-560 VHF UHF FM Radio Instruction Manual

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Document TypeTransceiver and Communications Radio Operator's Guide. VHF radio Instruction Manual in PDF.
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- 16 pages
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ALINCO VHF/UHF FM DUAL BAND HANDHELD TRANSCEIVER D J-560T/E INSTRUCTION MANUAL ALINCO ELECTRONICS INC. 438 AmapolaAvenue, Unit 130, Torrance, CA 90501, U.S.A. Phone: (213)618-8616 1-1-1 Mishimae, Takatsuki city, Osaka 569, Japan ALINCO ELECTRONICS INC. Printed in Japan PS0131 F1090MO-@ TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION. 1. ACCESSORIES 1-1. STANDARD ACCESSORIES 1-2.

Transceiver Radio Manual Free Download. Radio Communications Operator’s Guide. Free VHF radio Instruction and Manual Download PDF.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES. 2. SPECiFiCATIONS. 3. CONTROL FUNCTIONS 3-1. TOPVIEW 3-2. FRONT, BACK and SIDE VIEWS 3-3. LCD DiSPLAy 4. OPERATION 4-1. SELECTING THE MAIN (transmitting) BAND. 4-2. OPERATIONAL MODES 4-3. FREQUENCY SELECTION 4-4. RECEiViNG 4-5. TRANSMITTING 4-6. CALL CHANNEL 4-7. MEMORy 4-8. SCANNING 4-9. TONE BURST (DJ-560E ONLY) 5. FUNCTIONS 5-1. CHANNEL STEPS 5-2. SCANNING MODES 5-3. PRIORITY/DUAL WATCH FUNCTION 5-4. ENTERING AN OFFSET (SHIFT) FREQUENCY 5-5. SETTING A TONE FREQUENCY 5-6. SELECTING OFFSET (SHIFT) DIRECTION 7. REVERSE 5-8. TONE ENCODER AND TONE SQUELCH 5-9. DSQ FUNCTION I: PAGING . 5-10. DSQ FUNCTION II (EXPANDED) 5-11. AUTOMATIC DIALER 5-12. AUTOMATIC BAND EXCHANGE (ABX) 5-13. BEEP AND BELL 5-14. MONO BAND 5-15. FREQUENCY LOCK (FL) AND KEY LOCK (KL) 5-16. PTT LOCK 5-17. LAMP 5-18. AUTOMATIC BATTERY SAVE (BS) 5-19. AUTOMATIC POWER OFF (APO) 5-20. SQUELCH (OFF). 5-21. RESET 5-22. VHF-UHF EXTERNAL SPEAKER JACK Congratulation, now you are the owner of one of our many “ALI NCO ” products. Your DJ-560T/E has been manufactured and tested very carefully at the factory and will give you satisfactory operation for many years. 1. ACCESSORIES 1-1. STANDARD ACCESSORIES: Carefully unpack your transceiver and you will find the included with the transceiver. eNi-Cd Battery Pack (7.2 V, 700 mAH) EBP-10N eAC Wall Charger for EBP-1 ON EDC-21 (120 V) ….. …

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