Alinco DJ-600T Radio Instruction Owners Manual

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Document TypeTransceiver and Communications Radio Operator's Guide. VHF radio Instruction Manual in PDF.
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Operating Manual for the DJ-600T 1 INTRODUCTION We at Alinco would like to thank you for purchasing the ALINCO DJ-600T (US Model)/DJ-600E (European Model). Radios and other products made by ALINCO rank as some finest in the world. Your DJ-600T/E has been manufactured and tested very carefully at the factory and will give you satisfactory operation for many years. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with your choice of this fine ALINCO radio.

1.1 STANDARD ACCESSORIES When you unpack your ALINCO transceiver, you will find the standard accessories which include: 1. Hand Microphone (Condenser Type), with 16 button DTMF Touch Tone pad. (DR-600T model only) 2. Mobile Mounting Bracket 3. Installation Hardware 4. DC Power Cord 1.2 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES To enhance your DJ-600 radio further, optional accessories are available. At ALINCO, we strongly recommend that you purchase appropriate accessories to get full features and performance from your radio. 1. EJ-7U Tone Squelch Unit (This unit is required to operate the tone squelch feature (CTCSS de-coding) 2. EJ-8U DTMF Unit (This unit is necessary for the DSQ function, Auto Dialer and external remote controller 3. EDC-19 Seperate Mounting Kit with cable. (3m) 9ft 10in. 4. EDC-20 Seperate Mounting Kit with cable. (5m) 16ft 5in. 2 SPECIFICATIONS The specifications outlined for this product are for use in the amateur bands only. No guarantee or warranty, either specific or implied, will apply to any function or specification outside the amateur bands. Individual radios may experience different performance and/or specification levels. All specifications are approximations and may vary (+/-) 10% or more. All specifications and features are subject to change without notice or obligation. 2.1 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Resolution:5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 Khz steps Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms unbalanced Power Supply Requirements: 13.8 Volts DC Current Drain @ 13.8VDC RX: Squelched doesn’t exceed 800ma. Dimensions:

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