Alinco DM-330MVT Z VHF UHF FM Radio Owners Manual

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Document TypeTransceiver and Communications Radio Operator's Guide. VHF radio Instruction Manual in PDF.
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ALINGO CONTROLLER REMOTE The DM-330MV does not include a remote controller. Nor is it available as an optional accessory. lt can be easily assembled using the diagram provided. The adiustable voltage ranges from approximately 5-15 volts. 3.5mm stereo plug DM-33OMV “The remote controller must be assembled exactly as the diagram shows. Using SP resistorsof different values can damage the unit and will void the warranty.

Transceiver Radio Manual Free Download. Radio Communications Operator’s Guide. Free VHF radio Instruction and Manual Download PDF.

‘When the remote controller is connected, the unit must be turned off. The maximum length of cable.that should be used is 1.5m or Sft. CAUTION ll. l Al lNeO lNC. Thankyou lor purchasing Alincoswitching the powersupply,DM-3301,4/. modeDC regulated The DM-330MV instruclion manualcontains importantsafetyand operatinginstructions. Read this manualcarefullybelore using this for Droduct.Keeothe manual futurereference. l-nr.nrcol nrrllYYtll ‘TwlN 21 ” MIO Tower Building 25F Head Otfice: 54O-858O, Japan 1-61. 2-Chome, Shlromi, Chuo-ku, Oska Phone: 06-691+6-8150 Fd: 06946-4175 E-mail: export@alirco.@.rp Ave., Unit 13O, Tomn@, CA 905’01’6201, U.S.A. u.S.A.: 438 AmFla Ph@6: 31ffi 18-8616 Fd: 31OGl8-8754 htF/A/ww.alin@.@rnl Landatre 55,6o4a0 FranKun am Main, Gemany Gcrmany: EschtDmr PtFm: 069-78018 Fd: 069-7890766 hb:/ tw.di|E.dal O1999 Akp, |rc., Os8l, Jpsl. AI rtdtts lwwd. dght to make 9nd @rate 6 po$ilte, re ffi Alhough AI@ h6 (bsigred rils |llrud to b 6 wnpdnsh prodrEis 9nd @eswies ruy not b cfErE$ ai $y fire to the dterit6 d u spsifcati(rc. Pbe rcte thd ddn aihbl h aI @untn of dbtnbt iI. Ple trsJt ]err Anhqized AFE Dealr{cr hf@tih. ALtNCO,tNC. INTRODUCTION lightweight high perfomance Alinco’s DM-33OMV is a high ef6ciency .compacl switching mode power supply- It is a.lsoengineered to minimize the switching noise specifcally for communicationuse- Even whea noise occurs. it may be eliminated with tle Noise-Ofbet function. Also convenient functions like pre-set voltage, remote control and a highly visible back lit meter are stardard in this power supply. PART N ….. …

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