Alinco DM 340MVT Z VHF UHF FM Radio Instruction Owners Manual

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Document TypeTransceiver and Communications Radio Operator's Guide. VHF radio Instruction Manual in PDF.
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DM·34OMVZ/Mvr PS0539 DM·34OMVZ/Mvr PS0539 FOR YOUR SAFETY The following pages explain how to avoid possible accidents and damage to the user and his property. They will explain the proper manner in which to use this product [ warning J AI.INCO Wash Immediately with water If any liquid leaks from Inside the unit and comes In contact with sldn am or dothes. It may irritate the skin and could stain clothing.

If any liquid gets Into the eye, wash Immediately and contact a doctor. II may cause InjUry to the eye. Explanation of caution indications I Caution indication Meaning o Danger &Warning & Caution Improper handling presents an immediate danger of death or serious InjUry. This unit should only be used with a standard wall outlet 220VAC(DM-340MVZ) or t20VAC(DM-340MVT). If it is used In any other manner electric shock and fire could o DC POWER SUPPLY DM-340MVI/MVT occur Improper handling may lead to death or serious Injury. Improper handling presents a risk to physical health ‘lor property. ‘2 ‘1; Injurllla, IIdn burne, e«:lJlc ehocka, etc. not requlrfllG hoIplla llaIIon or _ _ IMt medica! treelmont ‘:!: menalvo dem_go 10 buldlng. and poslIesslons; Injury 10 domealated Illllma’s Illld pela o Never touch the chsssis of the unit during use. The surface of the prodUct may become very hot, especially the heat sink, A bum to the skin mayoocur, Explanation of symbols I Symbol Meaning of symbol This mbol Indicates actions that must be strictly avoided. The details the actions to be avoided are written In or around the symbol using graphics and/or text. This symbol Indicates that there are fcrocedures that must be followed without fall. The procedures to be fo lowed are described In or around the symbol using graphics and/or text This symbol Indicates that the power plug must be dlsoonnected from the socket. Details of the wamlng are written In or around the symbol using graphics and/or Isxt. Do not short-circuit the cables. Make sure the cables are connected to the correct

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