Alinco DR-MA1 VHF UHF FM Radio Instruction Owners Manual

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Document TypeTransceiver and Communications Radio Operator's Guide. VHF radio Instruction Manual in PDF.
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- 23 pages
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ALINCO MARINE VHF RADIOTELEPHONE DR-MA1 Operatorls Manual Safety Instructions for the Operator I WARNING 1 · Do not open the equipment. Hazardous voltage which can cause electrical shock, burn or serious injury exists inside the equipment. Only qualified personnel should work inside the equipment. · Do not disassemble or modify the equipment. Fire, electrical shock or serious injury can result.

· Turn off the power immediately if water leaks into the equipment or the equipment is emitting smoke or fire. Continued use of the equipment can cause fire or electrical shock. · Do not place liquid-filled containers on the top of the equipment. Fire or electrical shock can result if a liquid spills into the equipment. · Do not operate the equipment with wet hands. Electrical shock can result. · Keep heater away from equipment. Heat can alter equipment shape and melt the power cord. which can cause fire or electrical shock. · Any repair work must be done by a licensed radio technician. Improper repair work can cause electrical shock or fire. CAUTION · Do not touch any part of the antenna when the equipment is transmitting. Electrical shock can result. · Use the proper fuse. Use of a wrong fuse can result in fire or permanent equipment damage. · Do not place objects on the top of the equipment. The equipment can ‘overheat or personal injury can result if the object falls. I Safety Instructions for the Installer I & WARNING · Do not work inside the equipment unless you are totally familiar with electrical circuits. Hazardous voltage which can shock, burn or cause serious injury exists inside the equipment. · Turn off the power to the mains switchboard before beginning the installation. Post a sign near the switch to indicate it should not be turned on while the equipment is being installed. Fire, electrical shock or serious injury can result if the power is left on or is applied

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